Sometimes, it is tough to find a topic that I want to write about. There are times, where I have literally found myself hours away from the deadline before I realize what I would wish to express my thoughts on—this is one of those times. Only two days from the deadline and, I just came to the conclusion as to what I want to chat about.

One thing that I seem to stumble upon of late is that people classify themselves as one thing. I wonder as to why? People appear to do this more times than not, their identity is based on a single thing about them and not everything as a whole. They are Rich, poor, gay, straight, conservative, liberal, white, black, religious or atheist. Those are only a few that comes to mind (and trust me, there was a lot more), take a moment and think about what I'm saying. Why do we as humans, want to lock ourselves down to a single category? I mean in a physiological standpoint, people even thought for the longest time that they could categorize life to a single atom. Just like who people are, even atoms are created from multiple fragments (for those following along it's called subatomic particles).

So, you're probably reading this and are thinking: What's your point, Dave?

My point is to not allow one thing to dictate who you are as an individual. People ask me, "who I am?" I typically reply with, "I'm Dave." Now, I know that that is not the answer they were looking for, but how can I single it down to a single word answer? Okay, let's take a look at who I am, and I invite you to think about who are you?

Physical Person

Who is Dave Montoya physiologically? Well, I am a forty-one-year-old, six foot two and two hundred thirty pound, brown haired and green eyed man, of Spanish decent. That is technically who I am, but it is a small piece that makes me (follow where I'm going, kids).

The Daddy

One key to who I am is that I am a father of three kids. Two daughters (almost three and seven) and one son who will be seventeen in November, who happens to have autism. The fact that I am a widowed father highly developed me into who I am today, but, it is not who I am. And, while I love my children endlessly, it again, it is only a fragment of who I am.

The Writer

For many, many years, I fell into this as the sole characteristic of what determined who I was. I have been a writer since 1990, and for almost three decades I crafted stories. Much like being a father, though I have been a writer a lot longer, is a key characteristic to who I am. I admit, I thought that was all of who I was, until, in 2012 I stopped writing and started…

The Podcaster

It was late 2012, but I was burned out on being a writer (maybe it was because it was my focus on who I was for that long). I was introduced to podcasting, and while it was a way to keep in touch with my sister it quickly grew into an entirely different animal. For almost five years, I was a podcaster, and in fact, I am gearing up to make my return. But, it wasn't the only thing that I was, was it?

The Business Entrepreneur

Now, technically, I have been an Entrepreneur for as long as I have been a writer. But, I never really thought of myself a businessman, until the earlier part of the 2000s with the Dark Myth boom. Even then, I still considered myself a writer, but, being the CEO of a company was in fact another part of who I am.

The Technician

A more private thing about me is that I have worked in the medical field since 1996. In 2003, I went back to school and became a EKG Monitor Technician, I spent eight years in the Intensive Care Unit, there I met people like Terry D. Scheerer, Mario E. Martinez and even, S. Sadie Burbank. Most people don't know that about me (well, unless you know me personally).

The Nerd Another piece of who I am, is that I am a nerd. It's funny, because growing up in the 80s and early 90s, being called a nerd was fighting words, nonetheless you'd think to call yourself that. But, today, it is finally welcomed in Western Culture, and I continue to a fanboy of comics, cartoons, anime and science fiction.

The Artist It's a small piece of who I am, but it is still a part of me. I have been know to draw a comic book now and then. Yet, when you think of me, does artist come to mind? It is still a piece of the puzzle.

The Gym Rat

Most recently (within the last couple of years), I have become active in fitness. And for a good while, it became a big part of who I was, because in a time of grief and loneliness it allowed me a healthy escape. While, that pain is subsiding, I still continue on my fitness journey, because it was worked its way into my life and is, yet, another piece to who I am.

There is so much more that I could include into this list of who am I. There are things like what kind of religious beliefs that I have, or where do I stand politically. What kind of music do I like, or what is my favorite professional wrestling promotion? Even the small things, like what is my favorite color is another corner piece of the puzzle that makes me who I am.

So, in conclusion, I hope that I have created dialogue (with yourself, even) about what defines you as you. Don't simplify yourself as simple one thing—you are a complex and fascinating creature!

I hope that I made my point here today, thank you for joining me this month!

With respect to you all!

David K. Montoya
Founder of The World of Myth Magazine
And Other Stuff Too.