Mark My Words…
By: Stephanie Bardy

The lyrics of a song, and the tale of the fantastic life of a sister,
Made me wonder what my legacy would be.
Will I make my mark, and leave a space,
Or fade off into the shadows, a passing thought on a day full of hearts?
What kind of memory do I want to be?
Do I want to be remembered for me?
Some grand tragedy, bemoaned, and wailed.
Then, words.
Words came to me, flowing into my head.
Bouncing around on all my uncertainties, tickling my insecurities.
And rapping sharply between my eyes.
When I'm gone my mark won't matter, my space won't be empty.
Life will continue, and the wheel will turn.
Children will grow, have children of their own, and I will become a picture in a book.
Put away on a shelf.
The time is now, the space is here.
The mark I make are my words.
The love I share, with those I choose, the hands I hold with care.
They are my legacy, they are my place, they are what I will leave behind.
Each moment I have, each breath that I take, is a journey,
On a road that only my feet can tread.
What I carry with me, is what matters now.
When I look in the mirror, and the Goddess looks back from my eyes,
When I start every battle, with the answer to what love would do,
I will create my legacy, and carve out my mark.
The words that I write, the ones floating in my head,
Are my guides on the journey I take.
They tell my story, in pieces and bits.
The highs, the lows and the glory.
They say to live each day like you were dying,
But I say, Live each day like you were LIVING.
Live your life, by rules that make you work, creeds that make it hard.
Forgive when you can't, love when you won't,
Help when you need it the most.
For life is to short, to carry a grudge, and a chip belongs in a cookie.
Frowns cause you wrinkles, and hate makes you tired, and rage is the tool of a rookie.
My words may not rhyme or always make sense,
But they are my own to leave behind.
I thank the Gods, for a gift so precious,
For the windows into my mind


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