Review of Dragon Ball FighterZ for the PS4
By: Xilera

In hindsight, Dragon Ball FighterZ did what was almost impossible to have done. "Why so," you ask. By obtaining a fighting game as well as a well known franchise and making it more interesting to a entirely new demographic! "Well, how," you ask, again. With amazing characters from the Dragon Ball arsenal and adding intense action! This game understood and applied what made Dragon Ball a top seller among fans worldwide, that had lasted since February 26, 1986 (and those of you keeping count, that four months over thirty-two years).

With a player friendly environment, and a easy to remember combat combinations, the player receives instant gratification on purchasing this fighting game. One of the best parts for me is how is has the ability to transform a average player onto the ball of changing to your settings, where in competition you have to where on your feet learn, adapt and improve to go anywhere.

Another awesome thing is a passersby could mistake the game for another episode of the famous anime television show. Every frame looks like something we had all watched as children from the show, even the exchanges gives you the feeling that you are watching something instead of actually playing something!

The fighting itself are a multitude of punches and kicks that sends your opponent flying at top speed. Lets not forget to mention the Super Fatal Moves that when used go to a scene in space of a enormous explosion! Coolness all the way!

So, needless to say (but, I'll say it anyway), is that all the action stays faithful to the source material! You have a plethora of easy to use moves at your disposal, and with fantastic combinations of dashes and double jump it creates a feeling of freedom in your movement. When you get the hang of them, the array of cool moves you have to close the distance and begin a combination assists you in figuring out your overall game play.

It's worth noting here as well that the roster also strikes a great antithesis of varied and simple. Any player can use the same essential joystick motions, combinations and ploys with the entire Dragon Ball lineup (and if you wanna switch characters, it wont feel like having to relearn everything over again).

But, in saying that, there are cool tricks with different characters that can be used to create more damage like using double jumps, fireballs or even swapping in a teammate! If one of them aren't working for you and blocking your groove, get that bad boy out of there and bring in someone totally new!

Again, we start with, but, if you're not into all of that complicated stuff and just want to play the game, you can dish yourself up a big ole helping of story mode to curve that craving. This single player adventure is about a good fifteen to eighteen hours of game play, gives a great beginning point for any Dragon Ball fan!

So as we pull into the the last stop on this train ride, Dragon Ball FighterZ perfectly mixes accessibility and complexity while making it a fast paced fighting game that makes player learn and engage situations quickly. It gives hardcore and causal players alike hours of worthwhile adventures to do by yourself and for all of that this game, I am happy to award it four stars , because playing this can possibly turn a fighting game fan in to a Dragon Ball fan along the way!