To Touch the Gods
By: Stephanie Bardy

Fingers touch, lightly
Trembling, excited.
Lips caress flesh.
Tongue tasting, teasing, probing.

Breath soft as silk,
Washes over slick wet skin.
Heartbeats match the pace.
Building, faster, stronger, harder.

Motions become frantic.
Bodies grasping, clinging, pulsating.
Riding each wave, racing higher and higher.

Screams erupt as they are shattered.
Soaring among the stars.
Bodies vibrate, and become pure sensation.

As they become one, they Touch the Gods.

Drifting, floating, like a feather,
falling to earth.

They become whole,
They become solid,
They become Two.

Fingers touch lightly.
Trembling sated.


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