Dèjà Vù
By: Jeff R. Young

Somewhere deep within my mind
A memory lied in wait
A vision I had yet to see
Yet told of a rapture state

You found me lying all alone
One dark and stormy night
Soundlessly you crawled in bed
And to me, you held on tight

With a gentle hand upon my chest
You stopped the sands of time
Soon my world began to spin
As your tender lips met mine

We gave ourselves up to our passion
And we bathed in ecstasy
Our bodies locked so close together
Seemed just like heaven to me

The dream had suddenly ended
To a thunder crack, I woke
Still, my heart was pounding wildly
Through my chest, it almost broke

Then lightning flashed into the room
And I caught the sight of you
A simple smile had cracked my lips
As I whispered…Dèjà Vù


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