Hey Boys and Girls! Welcome to the 60th issue of The World of Myth Magazine! All right! All right! Let's just go a head and face the elephant in the room, shall we? Okay, here comes a long story. It starts March 29th, got up did my normal routine and worked on my homework (which I made a post about on social media), that's when I started to feel weird. I just chalked it up to getting really upset over the silly homework.

A bit after that I drive up to Barstow Community College and I will feeling fine, and back to normal. It was lab day, and we were doing blood pressures. At first, one of my lab partners took my blood pressure and was started at how high it was which was 204/120, I believe. Then my other lab partner retook it right after and it was pretty much the same. I just laughed it off, I do have a history of hypertension and take medication for it—so, no big deal.

It was close to after class, I begin to feel weird again. Instead of walking to the cars with the others I went to the closet restroom and splashed some water in my face. I waited a bit and again, felt okay (well, somewhat). Once I got to my car, I decided that I felt all right enough to go to the gym. But, by the time I got of the freeway, I felt a little off, it wasn't until I got to Apple Valley Road (which is around 30 miles from the college), it really hit me. I was woozy and nauseous, so I pulled over for about 20 minutes.

I knew I needed to get back to the house, before I blacked out. I took the back route to the house, and made it there fairly quickly, from there I do not remember getting out of the car or closing the front gate, I do remember going inside and the girls saying, "Daddy's home!" and after that a blank. What I was told by my brother, Randy, was that I walked in, went to my room and passed out for several hours.

I woke up the following morning, which was the 30th (for those of you playing along at home) around 7 am, I noticed I had a little chest pressure, but a splitting headache. After my brother came in and we chatted about how everyone was taking turns coming in and making sure I was still alive. I had plans to go to class that morning, (it was Good Friday by the way), but with my headache, I closed my eyes. That's all it took, I would open my eyes again around 2:00 in the afternoon.

About an hour after that I posted a similar rundown online and was bombarded with, "GET YOUR ASS TO THE HOSPITAL," responses. So I decided to get up and head to the Emergency Room at a local hospital. On the way there I was on the phone with Alan Russo, and he was asking me about my symptoms and in the nicest voice that could come from Russo said, "Dave?" I replied, "Yeah?" Then after a brief pause said, "YOU'RE HAVING A F*CKING HEART ATTACK!"

Being in the medical field for over twenty years, and of course, I specialize in the heart, I knew this already—but, I was second guessing my self. So I said, "Well, I did just finish an interview with the Myth Master." After a workup, it was determined via EKG that I had suffered a Anterior Infarct which is a fancy way of saying heart attack. But, they said it was an old one (within a day or so), and told me that I needed to see a Cardiologist and sent me home.

Here at this point it become about money and insurance, and no one wants to read about that. But the week that followed I slept 99% of that time, and I was so tired a weak. But, as I set here and write this, I can say I feel a bit stronger—but not the same. I try to move forward, but find new road blocks in my way (which really pisses me off).

So, I was asked by a family member right before they tried to bum money from me, "What do you take away from all of this?"

Really, that is a great question. I had to give it some thought, so long of thought that I'm finally responding to the question right now. What I take away from this is 1) I learned that I'm not afraid to died. As I was on the phone with Russo, and I was staring my mortality dead in the eye, the only thing that mattered to me was "Make sure my kids will be okay." I had said many, many times that my children are the reason I even bother to continue to live life and that day I fully realized that that statement held 100% truth. I was not scared to die, I was more concerned about what would happen to my kids if I were to.

The other thing (although I just wrote out a nice long rant), I think I'm going to keep to myself. But, I will say to those that are my friends, that knew what was happening (even online)—know that I love you all and from this moment forward, you are my family!

Well, that's another adventure that I've shared with all of you! I thank you for stopping by to see what I had to say on the matter. I've learned a lot about myself, and while I have had a decent life, I'm nowhere near where I want to by and I've got more life in me—so, sit back relax and enjoy the ride for Life Part 2!

With respect and love to you all!

David K. Montoya
Founder of The World of Myth Magazine
And Other Stuff Too.