By: Steve Bolin

There are only two things in this world that Iím afraid of. The first is that my younger brother might somehow manage to pull off a joke thatís better than mine. Since this has never happened, I donít worry about it too much. But still, itís always at the back of my mind, haunting me like a restless ghost.

In fact, April 1st is one of my favorite days of the year. Every year my brother and I try to out do each other with practical jokes. My jokes are usually better than his, if I do say so myself. I know this probably all sounds a bit juvenile, but what can you expect from a couple of teenagers? This is the way we show brotherly love for each other.

The second thing Iím afraid of is vampires. Yeah, I can hear you laughing now. It probably sounds pretty lame for a teen to be afraid of make-believe movie monsters, doesnít it? Ever since I was a little kid, my flesh just crawls at the very thought of fangs sinking into my neck and turning me into one of the walking undead. I canít tell you how many nightmares Iíve had involving Count Dracula.

To make things even worse, my younger brother knows how I feel about vampires. For some strange reason, the creatures donít seem to affect him. In fact, thereís very little that bothers the little twerp at all. The only thing that seems to get his goat is being embarrassed at school.

Keeping that last thought in mind, I came up with an idea for a great practical joke to play on him. Since I knew heíd be keeping a close eye on me during April 1st, I decided to strike a day early, on March 31st, to catch him off guard. It went perfectly.

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About the Author

With the exception of a four-year hitch in the U.S. Navy, Steve has been a lifelong resident of Indiana. He has more than 40 publishing credits, including co-authoring Black Rising, an epic fantasy novel. He plans to assemble his short stories of dark fantasy and weird tales into an anthology.
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