By: Edward Rodosek

Originator stared gloomily into space. "What's eating Thee?" Spir asked him.         

"The development data from planet XM-9/3 is catastrophic."           

"If  I recall, Thou hast been experimenting with some new creatures and Thou wasvery proud of them."      

Originator shrugged. "Well, in the begining everything went okay. But now--just look at them now!"      

Spir adjusted the ultratelescope to the greatest magnification. "Hmm... well, at first sight I don't see anything catastrophic about them. Thou better tell me what's troubling Thee."      

Originator shook his head. "At first, when they had to struggle to survive, the circumstances on the planet were endurable. Yet, since they began to dominate, they behave like... like vermin. They're selfish, arrogant, violent, and malicious. In short, they don't know any rules at all."      

"Maybe Thou allowed them too much liberty in the beginning."      

"That was the whole point! The freedom of decision was the indispensable condition for their rapid development. How could anyone have known what would happen? Oh, yes, I know what you're going to say--I ought to have known earlier what would happen."      

"Don't be annoyed with the ancient past, sir," Spir said in an effort to calm him down.  

"Thou had better ponder on what Thou can do now to get them on the right path."      

"Come on," said Originator "you suggest something; it's your job to inspire me."      

“Thou just said, sir, and I quote, ‘they don't know any rules at all.’ Give them rules now. But not too many--otherwise, they won't give a hoot about them."

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About the Author

D.Sc. Edward Rodosek is a Senior Professor at the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia. Besides his professional work, he writes science fiction. More than one hundred of his short stories have been published in SF magazines in the U.S.A., the U.K., Australia, and India. Recently, he published his collection of short stories Beyond Perception in the U.S.
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