By: Barry Basore

He thought this was really promising. He stepped out from behind the counter and had her follow him to the section. “It’s good to hear the bookstore is being recommended.” He looked at her. Further conversation could be in the works. He hoped so.

Her face brightened up. “Yeah, my girlfriend told me about the shop.” She gazed back at him.

Jim had a strange feeling of déjà vu. “Have you been in here before?” he asked.

“I have spied through the window once or twice, but never came in before now.” She stared directly into his eyes. She didn't take her gaze from his. “I thought it was time to float in and get a good read. Do you have a suggestion to make?”

He thought she winked at him, but he knew his imagination was getting the better of him. “I always like a good ghost story, but what do you like to read?” He couldn't help but smile at her.

“Being recently single, a ghost story might make me scared to be alone. You wouldn't want that would you?” Her eyes shone like the moon.

She could be flirting with me , he thought with nervous excitement. He remained cool, but there was something about her. He picked up a book he was familiar with and handed it to her.

She leaned down and asked, “What about that book? The one on the lower shelf?” She lost her balance and he caught her. The woman felt so light, but then she was slight in build.

She blushed and straightened up.

“I have not read that one, but the author is a good one.” Jim felt almost certain he had seen her before.

She gave him a direct look and said, “I will haunt you if this is not a good book.” She giggled. After paying for the book, she winked at him. “I should buy you a book,” she said. “My girlfriend tells me you’re single too. A new book for a new start.”

She is flirting with me, no question now , he thought. It was like a dream come true.

She picked up a ghost story and handed it to him. “You have this one?” she asked.

He shook his head, not knowing what to say. She paid for the book and gave it to him. She glided out of the store, or so it seemed.

Jim closed up shop and headed home. He really hoped she would come back. As he walked into the apartment, he saw the bookshelf had been knocked over again. The books were jumbled on the floor. The ghost stories lay scattered on the rug. He looked at the book the girl gave him. Without thinking, he put the old books in a box to be turned in for credit. He put today’s book in the empty bookshelf.

A new collection was a good idea.


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