The Squid Kid By: Terry D. Scheerer


The Squid Kid
By: Terry D. Scheerer

Well, I was fairly sure I knew why they left our neighborhood—they realized someone knew about the secret they were keeping and apparently did not want to answer any curious questions. Or perhaps they just did not want to expose their child to the stares and unwanted comments which would no doubt arise if the kid were to have been discovered. I don’t know what happened to them. I hope that the Smith’s were able to find a quiet, peaceful place somewhere in the world and could raise their child in the solitude it required. After all, as hideous as the Kid was, it wasn’t the baby’s fault that it came out such a deformed, helpless creature.

Even though the sight of it nearly scared the crap out of me initially, I began to feel sort of sorry for the Kid, and its parents. I knew why the Smith’s tried to hide the Kid’s existence—other people would not have understood and the Kid and the Smith’s would have been shunned by almost everyone who found out about the birth. Either that or it would’ve ended up being a medical curiosity and never have a normal life. I’m sure the Smith’s hid it away and then left the neighborhood to protect it. The Kid was their child and they obviously cared for it; maybe even loved it in their own way, else they would have left it at the hospital and denied all claim to the child. But they didn’t do that and I admire them for it.

So, wherever they ended up, I sure hope they’re all happy together. You never know when Life is going to take a dump on you and the Squid Kid, if it even survived, surely did have a rough road ahead of it. Stranger things have happened though.

Haven’t they?

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