Between the Moon and Mars By: Terry D. Scheerer


Between the Moon and Mars
By: Terry D. Scheerer

produce it. They’re working around the clock on a solution to this problem, you know.”

“Oh, sure,” Martin snapped. “A solution which if ever found may be decades away and in the meantime, millions of people will grow older and die, while you don’t age more than a few months. Do you think that’s fair, Mr. G?”

Becoming increasingly uncomfortable, he replied, “Now look, Mr. Martin, I didn’t come here tonight to be attacked like this. It isn’t my fault that I happen to accidentally have been given something you don’t have access to. While I may understand your feelings of anger and frustration, there’s nothing I can do to make things different for you.”

Martin smiled and said, “Oh, but there is something you can do to make things different for me, Mr. G.”

His guest heard an unexpected noise behind him and turned to look over his shoulder. Through the large window that separated the control room from the room in which he was seated, he saw over a dozen men, women and even children staring silently at him through the glass with haunted, hungry eyes. He whirled back to face Martin, suddenly very afraid.

“What is this Martin?” he asked, his voice shaking. “You promised me this program was going to be taped and nobody outside of this room would even know I was going to be here tonight.”

“That’s right, Mr. G,” Martin sneered, as he removed his headphones and slowly stood up. “My friends and I will make sure that no one outside of this room ever knows that you were here.”

As Martin started toward him around the console, Mr. G saw that the radio talk-jock now held a large butcher knife in one hand, but as he heard the door open behind him and the sound of many feet shuffling into the room, what made him finally start screaming was the fact that in the other hand, Martin held a fork.

The End

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