Between the Moon and Mars By: Terry D. Scheerer


Between the Moon and Mars
By: Terry D. Scheerer

human nature to fear, to hate and then to destroy that which we do not understand, that which we want but can not have.”

Disturbed by the thought that his friend might actually be correct in his judgement of human behavior, Carter asked softly, “You’re being a just bit hard on the human race, don’t you think?”

Hudson slowly shook his head, but didn’t answer. He continued staring out the window as a single tear welled up and over his eyelash and dropped unnoticed to his cheek.

Less than a week later, the news that a life-expanding gene had been discovered was known world-wide. When it was found out that the limited quantity of this gene was being hoarded by only a handful of people, riots broke out. All over the world, frantic, angry people stormed university and genetic research centers and frequently burned them to the ground when no information could be found on how to obtain this elusive gene. The “Gene” and the people who had it was not only the talk of the town, but the entire world.

A small talk radio station in Central California was no exception.

“Good evening, everyone. This is Tommy T. Martin at KILR, that’s Killer Talk Radio, your late night companion with a very special guest for your enjoyment tonight,” Martin told his listening audience. “Tonight we are privileged to bring you an interview with one of the most sought after people in the world. That’s right friends, tonight we have with us one of the original “Gene” volunteers from the Delano research facility, right here in California.” He waved his guest in toward the microphone on the other side of the console.

“Now, we promised our guest his anonymity tonight,” Martin said, checking the dials on his console and turning on the guest mike, “so I’ll just call him Mr. G.” He looked up at his guest and waited for him to nod his acceptance of that gesture.

“Welcome to Killer Talk Radio, Mr. G.”

“Uh, well, thank you, Mr. Martin,” the guest responded nervously, leaning in toward the mike as he spoke.

Martin waved him back, tapping at his headphones and shaking his head, indicating that he was too close to the mike. “Now, now, my friends call me Tommy T, Mr. G,” Martin told him, smiling at his rhyme.

“Oh, well, all right,” Mr. G said, tempted to lean toward the mike, once again.

“Mr. G, our audience is anxious to know how you feel about carrying around this gene that is going to prolong your life.”

“Well, Tommy,” he stated, but seeing Martin wave his hand in a circular, keep going kind of motion, added, “uh, well, Tommy T, when I first volunteered for this project I certainly didn’t have any idea that this was going to be happening to me.”

“But don’t you feel it’s unfair for you and only a few other people to have the benefit of this life-extending gene, when there are so many millions of people in the world who would like to have access to it?”

“Well, sure, I guess to most people it might seem a bit unfair, at least at this point, but hopefully, somewhere down the road, I’m sure this gene will be available to everyone.”

“But how can it be made available to everyone if the only samples of it are held by you and a few other people?” Martin asked and Mr. G could sense a growing hostility coming from the man seated across from him.

“True, only a few people have the gene, now, but eventually scientists will be able to mass

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