Circus, Circus
By David K. Montoya

She saw the life return into George's tired eyes. “Okay, let's do it,” he said.


The next Monday the Laimbeers arrived at the newly opened hotel and casino. George thought it was insane to have a circus inspired casino, but he was with Lydia for an entire week and that was what mattered to him the most. He felt horrible to have accused his wife of cheating, but Laimbeer promised to make up for it while they were at the hotel.

On the first day, George and Lydia agreed to play tourist, and the two started with a show. It was a corny magic act, but George appeared to have enjoyed it. That evening the couple dinned at the casino's more expensive restaurant and ended the day with a few hours on the slots. It was a picture perfect day, and neither of them could have had asked for better.

Lydia and George ended the night with a passionate exploration of each other. Lydia took notice to how intense her husband was, something that had been missing for some time and she prayed it would never disappear again.


It was a few minutes past midnight when George opened his eyes; his wife was fast asleep but he was restless. Laimbeer laid there for a while, thinking. Finally, he decided to take a walk. George got out of bed, threw on his clothes and then gave his wife a kiss on the forehead before he walked out of his hotel room.

As he turned away from the door he instantly froze with fear. In front of him stood a giant of a man with a clown mask over his face. George shrieked as the blade the man held was thrust at him. Laimbeer turned and tried to run, but was stopped as the tip of the weapon entered his back and tore out the front of his arm.

George collapsed in pain while he cried out to the masked man for mercy. “Please!” Laimbeer begged, but the man paid no attention as he swung his blade. George held up his hands to protect his face, but the force of the swing split them in half and sliced his cheek. He let out a scream when he saw several of his fingers lying in a puddle of blood at his knees.

With no sign of emotion the masked man stood in front of Laimbeer. He watched as George cried out in pain and then began to uncontrollably weep in fear. Finally, the man stepped back from Laimbeer and brought his blade up for another strike, but he stopped his attack when a strong masculine voice shouted from behind him. “Hey! Hey, what the hell you think you’re doing?”

The masked man turned toward the direction of the voice and saw a younger man who appeared to be George's height, but was extremely well built. The younger man ran toward the masked clown, but before he could do anything, the killer brought down his blade on top of the young man’s head and split his skull in two. George watched in terror as the man fell lifeless to the ground. In that instant Laimbeer realized he had to get away while the killer’s back was turned, and he quickly got to his feet and ran away from the masked man as fast as his shaky legs would carry him.


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