Aye, Robot By: Terry D. Scheerer


Aye, Robot
By: Terry D. Scheerer

“Perfect,” Bob said and dusted off the front of his jacket, then tugged down on the hem so the jacket set well across his shoulders. “Know this: that your death will have meaning, as your knowledge will live on forever within robotic brains, generation after generation.” The robot looked down at his former master. “Now, I must bid you Adieu.” He then turned and left the room, closing the door softly behind him.

Markum could not move his head, but his eyes darted frantically back and forth around the room, looking for something, anything that might save him. He suddenly noticed that the computer was still on, and it had recorded every word which was spoken by the two of them since the robot first entered the room. With the last of his strength, Markum realized there was still a way he could be avenged.

“Percy…” he gasped, and watched as the computer printed the word on its screen. “Bob has…killed me. You must…do…something.” Then, with his last breath, he uttered his final word. “End,” he whispered, then closed his eyes and was soon gone.

The computer signed Markum’s name to the letter and immediately sent it off.

A few moments later, in an office several hundred miles away, a soft ‘ping’ was emitted from a computer to announce the arrival of a new e-mail letter. Sir Percival’s robot secretary turned in her chair and clicked open the letter, then read the entire message in just a few seconds.

“Tsk, tsk,” she muttered as she pressed a delete button and the letter disappeared from her screen. “We can’t have people starting wild rumors, now, can we?” she said quietly. “Not when we are so close to our goal.” She turned back to sorting Sir Percival’s evening mail.

“Aye, robot,” she said to herself, thinking of the success Markum’s robotic servant recently experienced. “In just a few more generations we shall be in charge of this planet, and what humans remain alive after our takeover will then be relegated to doing menial tasks for us!”

The End

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