Riding Shotgun By: David K. Montoya


Riding Shotgun
By: David K. Montoya

His soft hum was interrupted with the calling of the child’s name, “Benjamin… Benjamin… We know you are there, we can smell your soul.”

He replayed his little tune, now at a higher tone, while rocking with more force. He felt the terror that was in the tiny room with him. Ben closed his eyes tightly, trying to act as if he did not hear the voices. But they still called out to him, “Why do you ignore us, Benny? We only want to play with you. Come over to us and we’ll play a fun game.”

“Leave me alone -- Please.” the boy pleaded.

“Come on, it will be fun.”

“Please… I’m scared, just leave me alone.”

“There is nothing to be afraid of, come to us and we’ll take good care of you.”

“I said go away, please!” screamed Ben.

Then he could feel hands with long fingers clinch his shoulders, and breath heated the back of his neck. “Benny, tell me, do you know what hell is?”


“Hey buddy, are you all right?” A voice called out, causing Ben to come to.

Looking up, a blinding light was flashed in his eyes, placing his hand up to block the shine from out of his face, Ben could now see that the light was coming from a police cruiser.

“Yeah… Yeah, I just got a little light headed, so I sat down for a moment.” Ben replied.

The Officer turned off the light, allowing Ben to be able to see again. Not completely sure whether Ben was a threat or not, the cop slowly made his way over to him. He was a few steps away when the officer asked,” So, what are you doing out here in the middle of the night?”

“My car broke down a few miles back, so I walked into town. I was getting ready to look for a phone to call for a ride to come and pick me up.”

“There’s one about three blocks down,” The cop said as he got back into his car. “Oh, and if I were you, I would stay in the light.”

“W-what?” asked Ben.

But the officer did not give him an answer, as he closed his door and abruptly drove away, which caused Ben to feel even more uneasy about his current location. With a heavy sigh, he got back to his feet and slowly started in the direction of where the nearest phone was to be.

Traveling up the lit sidewalk, Ben could once again feel the evil that resided in the darkness. Just when his nerve was about to give, there it was, the phone booth! Only a few more steps away, but that did not stop the laughter of the beasts that waited for him.

“Benjamin, come out and play.”

“Go away!” He said, now only a few steps away.

“Benjamin, why won’t you share your delicious soul.” the voice growled.

With one last step, he entered the safe confines of the phone booth. Standing there for a moment in relief, Ben could feel the warmth of the small light of the booth that was above him.

He knew now, that everything was going to be all right as he placed a call to Mark.


After only a twenty minute wait, Mark pulled up to find that his friend Ben was still in the phone booth waiting. With a honk of his horn, Ben dashed out from the stall and into the waiting car.

“Benny! How you doing, buddy?” Mark asked.

“I am doing okay, I guess. I’m glad you’re here though.” Ben replied.

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