Dead Lands: Part Two - The Experiment By: Kelly James


Dead Lands: Part Two
The Experiment
By: Kelly James

Howard’s brain matter scattered across Max’s shoulders and back. Chunks dangled from her long hair.

“OHGODOHGODOHGOD!” Max screamed as she dropped to her knees, swatting at the back of her neck as she did. “Oh God, did it bite me?” Tears flowed from her terrified eyes.

My heart sank. I had already caused the deaths of four of my men and now, the repercussions of my actions were going to take my best officer.

Retribution for playing God, Henry’s voice echoed in my skull. Why did my subconscious portray General Henry as wise? I wondered as I seized Max’s flailing hands.

“Am I bitten?” Max whimpered.

As I wiped away the gore, I felt her collapse against me. No longer the super soldier and star of the Captain America Project, Max was just a girl again. I imagined her in her Wildcat cheer uniform and my eyes welled up.

Please, God, not her.

My spirit died when I saw a solitary incision on the nape of Max’s slender neck. It was tooth sized.

To be continued…

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