Dead Glow By: Kelly James


Dead Glow
By: Kelly James

“Other than die quick?” She forced a tear-marred smile. It hurt me to see her like that.

“Apparently, the monsters have learned to think.”

“It would seem so, colonel.”

“So it stands to reason, these things will win our little war then, huh?”


“Not this mess. We’re screwed here. I’m talking about mankind’s chance to reclaim the planet.”

“Yes sir. I think we’re all royally hosed now.”

I leveled my rifle at Max’s chest. One soft tat issued from my weapon and Max slumped forward. A small red button grew over her left tit as her heart spit and sputtered and eventually, stalled. I could have shot her in the head and nixed any chance of her becoming a walking stiff, but she deserved the chance to start again.

As for me, well, the way I see it, I have one last thing to give Max. She won’t go hungry, for a while at least.

The End

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