Dead Glow By: Kelly James


Dead Glow
By: Kelly James

“Majowski and I entered the premises about 1200 hours yesterday. I searched for the light’s power supply, while the sergeant stood watch. I was looking in here when I heard a shot. I looked out and saw Majowski, standing where his corpse now lays, his rifle trained on the body beside him.” Max paused, looked outside and back to me. Tears filled her eyes.

Her tears trumped the strange zombie as far as weird shit goes. Max never cried. Max couldn’t cry.

“They surrounded Majowski. It happened so fast, he couldn’t get off another shot, sir.”

“Who surrounded him, Max?” I gripped her shoulder and shook her a little. I didn’t like where her story was going. I knew who had done the surrounding, but the way she described it sounded impossible.

She didn’t answer me with words. I followed her pointing finger to the bleachers. They sat silent and empty. I started to question her again, but then I saw movement, the slightest shift of something beneath the stands. I looked harder and the blackness beneath the stadium began taking shapes. I looked over to the opposing team’s stands and saw the same thing.

The dead. Thousands of the monsters huddled together—waiting.

It was insane, but it made sense. The lone zombie acted as bait. A gunshot would signal the rest of my men. I didn’t want to think about what would happen once they came. The zombies had laid a trap for us, a big cursed bug light. And we fell for it.

The game had suddenly changed.

“Where’s the light switch?”

“In there, I think.” She nodded toward a slim door between the deep fryer and an ice cream machine. Her belt was tied around the knob to the heavy steel of the fryer.

“How many?” I felt sick and tired. This wasn’t how Max and I were supposed to die; huddled together like frightened children in a hot dog stand.

“Enough, sir, we can’t get to the switch.”

“Why didn’t you leave?” I knew the answer, but I needed to hear it in her own words.

“They’ve got us surrounded, sir.”

I looked toward the chain link double gate. Several corpses waited on each side.

We had enough ammo to shoot our way out, but the dead would soon overwhelm us with sheer numbers. It was a no-win situation. And if we did shoot, the rest of our unit would come. They’d die too. Of course, eventually, they would find their way here anyway.

The silence was bad, but Max’s sobs were worse.

“Snap out of it, Captain. We’ve got work to do.”

“Yes sir.” She mumbled. I couldn’t see any trace of hardness in her. Her edge was gone. The zombies had already killed her, she just didn’t know it.

“If we go out there, we’re dead. If we stay in here, we’re dead, too.”

“Yes sir.”

“Any suggestions?”

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