December to Dismember By: Kevin Adams


December to Dismember
By: Kevin Adams

He wanted to speak but Krystal put her finger to his mouth to quiet him. She then took both of her hands and began unbuttoning her blouse. To Trent time was slowed; he studied each and every movement until she even removed her bra. Before his eyes were the most perfectly curved breasts he had ever laid eyes on. He felt his member begin to throb into a full erection. Krystal seemed to be excited by his reaction to her nakedness, and she began removing his shirt with her smooth dainty hands which seemed to explore his muscular chest with an eagerness of their own.

She then began playfully tying his left and right hands to the bedposts with the discarded shirts. Leaning back, she started to remove her skirt. Krystal stood up to complete the removal. His eyes gazed upon her complete naked flesh and his mind was almost unable to process such a beautiful woman. She removed his pants and tied his legs to the bedposts with those same pants.

“Did you not find it somewhat easy to kill Kevin the other night?” she asked. Trent’s eyes went wide at her statement. “Well, he was already dead after I was done with him, but I felt your presence nearby and wanted to see what you were capable of. To see if you were finally under my influence”.

Her smile remained and his did not. “I’m surprised you held out this long. Most men submit to my control within hours, but your strength should last well into the morning and I may not have to kill you for at least another four days”.

Krystal stood over him again, yet she now seemed to have sprouted leathery wings and a flicking tail from somewhere behind her back. She put her hands on her hips, and eyed him like a piece of freshly captured meat, because to a Succubus--he was just that.

The End

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