December to Dismember By: Kevin Adams


December to Dismember
By: Kevin Adams

Trent beamed at his desk the entire day; he could hardly believe the simplest pick up line worked. He was so proud of himself that he found even the most difficult of his office duties were no challenge to his already brash ego.

Hopefully he could finish his tasks early in order to have enough time to carefully plan his words and actions tonight. Perhaps he could even convince her to be his and if not, Kevin could probably use some company in Hell.

As the end of the work day came, Trent damn near sprinted across the office building to meet Krystal. He could not bear the thought of her waiting even one moment on him. She smiled as he poked his head over the top of the cubicle and began shutting down her computer for the night.

Their drive home was swift, yet safe. Trent found himself slightly speeding in his eagerness to get her to his ‘lair’ and have his way with her. Krystal looked at him from the passenger seat and grinned. She seemed relieved that the day was over and was headed for some rest.

Trent opened the door of his home and invited her to have a seat on the couch while he went to the fridge for some alcohol. He poured two glasses and turned, but she was not on the couch and as his mind raced he heard a gasping sound from his room. Trent eyed the knife block, all the while secretly hoping he would not have to resort to using such methods unless absolutely needed. He reluctantly went to his bedroom with the drinks hoping for the best.

Krystal looked at him in shock as he entered; she had opened his closet door and found his ‘shrine.’ All he did at that point was offer her the drink and nervously say, “I’m kind of your number one fan.”

A smile creased across her lips and Krystal’s eyes sparkled like never before. “I’m flattered.” She took the glass from him and gulped it down.

Trent was slightly uneasy as she took his glass as well and made her way to his bed. He watched as she greedily drank down the hard liquor. She put the glass on the nightstand, flopped onto his bed then rolled around on his silky satin sheets. She was getting drunker by the minute.

Inside his mind Trent was trying to imagine how this could not be a dream. His male instincts did not care anymore--they would do what comes naturally. Dream or not he would have her tonight.

Once he made his way onto the bed he caressed her smooth thighs as she moaned in pleasure, then she grabbed him and turned him onto his back. His only surprise was that she wanted to be on top for this sensual experience. He was not about to argue positions at this point.

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