December to Dismember By: Kevin Adams


December to Dismember
By: Kevin Adams

Trent hung his head low and slumped throughout the day; he did the tasks required of him and no more. Somehow he had even lost his desire to look at Krystal, which was how he knew that this problem was serious enough to kill over.

After he got home, the only thought that entered his head was, ‘Kill Kevin, gain Krystal.’ That simple thought repeated and repeated in his mind until he screamed out in frustration, “Yes, I will kill him!” Now that his mind was made up, he began planning his task. It was only ten in the evening; he knew his movement must be swift and precise with no evidence left--only death.

Having served as a Navy Seal for over eight years made Trent the perfect man for this ‘mission.’ He had even gone as far as putting on the face paint he managed to saved from his service days, not to mention pocketing a few devices designed to kill an adversary without leaving a mark.

Eleven at night--almost magic hour. Trent moved quickly; Kevin would be dead before another day passed. He drove into the gated community of his boss, parked his car in an inconspicuous place and moved about without making any sound. Almost as if it were a natural instinct he began to formulate his entry, execution and escape--his mind would not allow any other thoughts to enter, save one. ‘KILL KEVIN.’

That morning Trent walked into the office with his head held high and his confidence at an all time high, because his mission had been a flawless success. Adrenaline and testosterone were still running throughout his veins; today he would ask Krystal out to dinner and nothing would stop him from having her for himself.

Krystal walked in and was obviously sad. Trent being embolden with a new courage and vigor quickly went to comfort her. “What is the trouble?”

Krystal’s voice was almost drowned out by her sobbing. “Kevin has died, and the police have no leads.” Trent’s mind instantly formulated another plan, just like last night. He knew no amount of flattery would do; this part of his plan would take some serious ‘acting’ like he had genuine concern over her loss.

Trent placed his chin on top of her head and held her close to him. His senses were so alive; her scent drove him almost mad with passion. Her warm embrace seemed to only invigorate his every movement from that moment. Finally he spoke. “I know it’s a lot to take in. I can only offer my friendship and a stiff drink at my place”.

Krystal moved her head away from his body to look at him. Trent almost whimpered at the thought of her leaving. “That sounds great, I’ll ride home with you. Maybe a drink and a warm bed will do me some good.” Trent tried to keep a straight face, yet on the inside he was grinning from ear to ear after the words ‘warm bed’ came from her mouth.

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