Possession By: Kevin Adams


By: Kevin Adams

All this command seemed to do was infuriate the angry spirit and in response it tugged harder on her son. It was all Lynn could do to keep her grasp on Brian--she was losing him. Her husband’s entity slowly floated into the house. It took hold of the demon specter’s hand and removed it from Brian’s arm.

James' spirit then pushed his wife and son outside and slammed the door shut. What happened next Lynn could only describe as an all out ethereal battle. Moans, groans, crashing glass, flashes of light and howling winds were all coming from inside the small house.

Lynn hurried Brian away to her truck and opened the door only to find Emily already there. The young woman was obviously shaken, and while shivering she managed to weakly say, “Your husband, James, told me to wait out here.”

Lynn smiled at the bittersweet moment; she had seen her husband one last time, yet it had only been long enough to loose him again. In the end he still thought of others before himself, but most important of all Lynn realized he had been with her the whole time--protecting her--right under her nose.

The End

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