Possession By: Kevin Adams


By: Kevin Adams

Brian stood up and told her that he did feel as if he was being ‘watched’ and he was not sure if it was all in his mind or not. He also quickly asked her what type of haunting she thought this might be.

Lynn took out her notebook and scribbled some words into it as she documented what had transpired thus far. Her attention then focused back on her son who was eagerly awaiting a reply. “I feel that this is a newer spirit--an intelligent being that recently crossed and seems to carry a lot of negative energy, so this may be more along the lines of Residual as it is ‘bound’ to this area.” His eyes opened a little wider in surprise. “We haven't even been here ten minutes; how can you determine all that?”

Lynn removed the Electromagnetic Field (EMF) detector from her ghost kit and she swept the room with it. She told Brian that the house could not have been more than seven years old and given the age of the young woman who owned the house, it had been her husband whom she lost. Lynn went on to say that the young lady had confided to her that her husband had been abusive not only during his life, but even more so in death.

Her son smiled. “You have got some mad skills there mother!”

Lynn patted him on the head and followed that up with a hug. She was thus distracted when she should have noticed the sheer white glow of an entity that passed through the hall directly next to her. She did notice that the EMF detector in her hand started getting high readings and with that occurrence her mind was focused back to the task at hand.

Brian held the camera with nervous hands as his mother swept the room with the device; she was now hunting for the ghost. A strange burning sensation began to manifest on Brian’s back and he tried to ignore it until he felt something like fingernails raking down his skin. Lynn quickly came over to him as he yelped in pain and dropped the camera to the floor. She quickly lifted the back of his shirt and tried to stifle her horror. Scratched into the youth’s back were the words, 'This body is MINE!'

Lynn refused to stay in the house any longer, even if it meant leaving her young host trapped somewhere within the dwelling. She did not even bother to gather up her equipment; all she had in tow was Brian and that was enough for her. As she rounded a corner with her son on her arm she was almost to the front door when she heard an unearthly growling from behind her and when she looked over her shoulder she saw a large apparition. It was sheer white with glowing red eyes and had several white tendrils extending from its amorphous body. A moan of anger from the monster sent her scrambling faster.

Lynn nearly made it to the front door when Brian was almost jerked away from her. The ghost had grabbed him by his other arm and Brian screamed in terror as Lynn frantically tried to open the front door. On the other side of the door was freedom, yet on this side a ghost pursued both she and her son with hellish intensity.

Finally the knob turned and she pulled the door open. Now it was a battle between her and the spirit; she knew her earthly body was only capable of so much strength. Lynn closed her eyes and whispered, “James, if you are out there, please help me, just this once.”

Lynn felt a strange warmth emanate from her neck and she looked down to see that her necklace was glowing and it then began to float away from her body. Lynn's jaw dropped open in amazement as a golden entity emerged from the necklace and began to take on the shape of a man. As the new entity formed completely it spoke with a calm yet commanding voice. “Let my son go, demon.”

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