Death Comes Again By: Adam Janus


Death Comes Again
By: Adam Janus

The warrior gritted his teeth against the pain and numbness in his left arm and took his sword in a two handed grip, moving in a tight circle as the black robed figure stalked around him, feinting, growling, taunting.

“I should leave you now and not return until you beg, beg for what seems an eternity in your pitifully short life! Your body wracked with pain, twisted, deformed and diseased, covered with lesions as drawing air into your body becomes an agonizing task!” snarled the figure in black, its voice hissing from the inky impenetrable darkness of its deep hood. ”And even then, I will let you linger, too weak to swat the flies from your flesh or brush the maggots from the open, festering, puss filled sores covering your filthy shriveled body!”

Growling like a feral animal the hooded figure launched a furious attack. The black blade was a blur as it rose and fell with deadly intent, sweeping back and forth; its razor tip thrust with deadly accuracy, seeking gaps in the warrior’s defense, seeking the warrior's flesh and vitals.

Sparks flew as their blades met again and again; the clash of steel rang out over the plain, each blow accented by flashing lightening and booming thunder. The warrior gave ground and back pedaled as he desperately parried and turned each attack.

With his sword held above his head, the warrior blocked a vicious overhand blow and the combatants became locked in that position, their faces mere inches apart. The black robed figure's hood slid back, revealing a hideous death's head; a skull covered with rotting flaps of diseased skin, while empty eye sockets writhed with maggots and worms. Hot breath which smelled of death and decay hissed out over black teeth, causing the warrior's guts to cramp with nausea.

”I…have…you…Now!” the black robed figure growled, exerting more pressure. Flies flew from its wide mouth as it spoke, and its black blade suddenly transformed into a viper, wrapping its coils around the warrior’s blade as fangs dripped acidic venom a hairs breadth from his exposed face.

The warrior once again felt his strength flagging; the pain and numbness in his left arm returned, his chest constricted and his head swam. Darkness threatened to engulf the warrior as the black robed figure took one bony hand from the hilt of his living sword and gripped the warrior’s throat.

”Give in and embrace me!” demanded the black robed figure through clenched, rotted teeth, and increased the pressure on the warrior’s throat.

At that moment the setting sun sank lower than the roiling storm clouds and tendrils of warm light reached out over the plain. The warrior felt the golden glow through the black mist that had settled over him as his face was bathed in warm sunlight.

”No!” the warrior whispered defiantly, his strength returning as points of light exploded before his eyes. “I…will not…go…willingly!” he growled through clenched teeth. The warrior released his grip on the hilt of his sword and hammered his right fist into the hideous death's head. He felt the satisfying crunch of bone as his fist made solid contact. The blackness that moments ago threatened to engulf him turned to a swimming red haze. ”NO!” he screamed again as he reigned blow after hammering blow into the black robed figure's grotesque head and face, driving the gruesome figure to its knees, where it held its hissing viper sword before it, defensively.

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