Foresight II By: David K. Montoya


Foresight II
By: David K. Montoya

Coming to the next level, Captain Rowe decided to detour from the others. In all of the commotion he had completely forgotten about the warden. The killer might have slipped into the warden's office and could have been hiding out there all along.

The older man slowly headed toward the office; he had his gun in his hand, ready for whatever might happen. As Rowe got closer to the door he could hear a conversation talking place. He was certain that one of those he heard was the warden's voice.

The captain was relieved, and he chuckled to himself, "Good grief, Walt, no reason to jump to conclusions." Walking up the warden's office, he holstered his handgun and opened the door.

"Hey Bob, I was just coming by to check---"

Rowe was unable to finish his sentence because of the horrific scene that was laid out in front of him. Standing there covered in blood, was the warden, standing next Sergeant Caruso's dead body, and he was holding her limp, white hand. The warden seemed to be pleased at the sight of the captain. He genially put the woman's hand on her lap, and walked over to Captain Rowe.

"Good news, Walt. Cindy has finally agreed to marry me! Isn't that Great?" he asked, as he leaned in toward the captain. "But I'll tell ya, I got her some of the most beautiful rings-which one should I give her?"

The warden held out his hand revealing five blood smeared rings, all still attached to the fingers of their original owners.

The End

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