The Room of Voices By: Reaper Rick


The Room of Voices
By: Reaper Rick

Who we are is of no concern to you It is enough to know that you must stop badgering this subject and leave him to us We require his brain to remain in its present state

Curious, in spite of the increasingly bizarre circumstances, the doctor asked to the empty air, "For what purpose?"

That is none of your concern!

Doctor Andrews clapped both hands over his ears and screamed in pain. "STOP! That noise--it's searing my brain." He staggered away from the door and bumped into the desk, the blinding pain he felt diminishing slowly. "Please," he pleaded, softly, as the pain finally eased to a dull ache.

It has been decided that we can not afford to leave you with the knowledge concerning our existence

He pressed a fist against his forehead and tried to get his eyesight to refocus. That blast of intense pain had left him dizzy and nauseated. "What...what does that mean?" he asked, weakly.

As a threat to our existence, you must be removed

The doctor was now becoming fearful for his life, even though he had no idea what was actually happening to him. He pushed off from the desk and staggered, half blind, toward the door. "No, you can't. I...I don't believe this is happening," he said, trying to buy some time.

It is for the better good

Andrews bumped into a wall and knocked a picture to the floor, shattering the glass within its frame. "NO!" he shouted, nearing panic. Where the hell is the door! Then he grabbed his ears and screamed in anguish, as intense sound and blinding light flooded his head. "What is this!" he cried, then lurched backwards and stiffened, his mouth frozen in a soundless scream, as blood began to bubble from his ears and nose. The doctor's eyeballs started to swell, then bulged from their sockets and suddenly burst due to the uncontrolled pressure within his head, spraying blood and tissue across the room. No longer able to support itself, his body fell heavily to the floor.

Rick, it is important that you understand what we say The doctor has had a seizure of some sort You must call for help That is all you need to know Get up NOW, Rick

"Huh? What?" he said, as he opened his eyes and shook his head to clear the cobwebs loose. Slightly disoriented, he looked around and saw Dr. Andrews lying on the floor. "Hey, doc, what's going on? Doc, are you all right?" Rick asked, then got up and moved to the doctor's side. That was when he saw the blood and his damaged face. "Oh, crap," he said, softly. "Not again." He quickly went to the door and opened it.

"Hey!" he yelled. "Someone call 911. The doc has had an accident!"

The receptionist ran up and stopped at the door. "What happened?" she asked, then saw the doctor's body sprawled on the floor and a hand went to her mouth. "Oh, my god!" she gasped, and backed away from the room. "You stay with him," she whispered, swallowing hard to keep from losing her lunch. "I...I'll call for help."

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