Youth Lost by Shaddow


Youth Lost
By: Shaddow

The force he used when he touched her,
The amount of anger was shown in his eyes.
He yelled; she always screamed back.
The bruises his anger left, were always seen when she looked in the mirror.
She could see the hurt that she felt on the inside--
The bruise left on her soul.
He pushed and pushed until she finally broke,
Screaming and yelling, hitting and shoving!
He was suddenly silent on the floor.
As her body was trembling, she sat on the edge of the bed,
Wondering what she had done.
Six-months pregnant; nineteen years old.
She dropped the gun, and reached for the phone.
Her heart beat disturbingly fast as they handcuffed her.
She watched as they zipped up the body bag,
And with a sigh of relief, said, "Goodbye."

About the Author

The one known as the Shaddow is the newest contributor here at 'The World of Myth'. Trained by the Gurl of Myth herself, the Shaddow takes her painful past and turns it into beautiful poetry.
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